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ARIBA – the story behind

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Many would have already heard about ARIBA….

But how many of us know about the story behind this gigantic empire?

Let’s read it at the very authentic source that is currently available in the market “SAP”.

Shocked? Surprised?

What is SAP to do with ARIBA?

Lets have little glimpse of what Ariba is.

Seven business colleagues sitting together over sandwiches discussing over the complexities involved in purchase had put in their mind to utilise the then (1996) newly introduced concept of “Internet” to phase out the paper based tedious process. The concept of “Internet” linked all the computers thereby making the transaction processing faster and also helped businesses in making better decisions.

The concept is known as Ariba, which is a network that helps you procure and also do relevant transactions on the cloud.

Yes Ariba was started by seven likeminded business colleagues with a greater vision in mind. The small idea written in crayon a few years back has transpired in a huge empire which was acquired by an equally gigantic corporation (SAP) in a multi million deal.

Also do not forget to read the next post that discusses further on Ariba.

Click here to know the the story of ARIBA which I am sure will really become the source of encouragement for you (like it is for me) to come ahead and live your dreams to the fullest.

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