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Bank to Bank Transfer – Part II

Standard Process for Bank to Bank Transfer – Part II

In previous post we have seen what configuration/Repetitive Code is required to perform Bank to Bank Transfer. In this part we will see how the transfer is actually performed.

Performing actual Transfer

Creating Payment Request

Transaction Code: FRFT_B

SAP Menu => Accounting => Financial Accounting  => Banks => Outgoings  => Payments with Repetitive Code  => FRFT_B – Carry Forward Bank Accounts 

We are navigated to the following screen:


3.1 – Transaction

Enter following information

  1. Selection Conditions

  2. Company Code : Enter the Company Code of Sending Bank

  3. House Bank : Enter Sending House Bank

  4. Posting Parameters

  5. Value Date : Enter Value Date

  6. Posting Date : Enter Posting Date

  7. Selected Repetitive Codes

  8. Repetitive Code : Automatically available

  9. Paying Bank : Automatically available

  10. House Bank : Automatically available

  11. Account : Automatically available

  12. Target bank : Automatically available

  13. Target account : Automatically available

  14. Payment Method : Automatically available

  15. Currency : Automatically available

  16. Amount Paid : Enter the amount to be transferred

  17. Single : Select this checkbox if payments to be posted separately

  18. Reference Text : Enter text

After entering the requisite information as above, click  on Create Payment Request and the program will show following information message:


3.2 – Transaction

The system has created a payment request No.1 for the transfer.

Release of Request

The request so created can not be used immediately for transfer of amount. It has one more level of authorisation required i.e. Release. System shows list of requests created in this way but are pending for Release as below:


3.3 – Transaction

Select the request to be paid and click on Release and program shown information about release of the request:


3.4 – Transaction

Now the request has status as released as opposed to the request which is still pending for release


3.5 – Transaction


Now the request is ready for making payment. Select the request and click on Pay button to post transfer entry. System shows information message for creation of payment as below:


3.6 – Transaction

The request which is paid disappears from the list as below:


3.7 – Transaction

System posts payment document where the sending bank account is Credited and Receiving Bank account is debited.

This concludes the transaction.


SAP Help

Bank to Bank Transfer – Part I

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