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CO-PA Characteristics Derivation Types – Part I

Derivation Types in CO-PA – Part I

In the previous post we have seen what Characteristics Derivation means with more information on various aspects of the Derivation. Now in this post we will look into the various types of Derivation strategies available in SAP.

Implementation Consideration

Derivation Types can be defined using Transaction Code “KEDR”. System navigates us to the following screen where we can maintain various Derivation Types:


Using this transaction code we can define all types of Characteristics Derivations. In this post we will try to understand about “Derivation Rule” which one of the derivation strategy.

Derivation Rule

A Derivation Rule is commonly used Derivation Type which works on “if then” principle. This derivation type works on source and target field mechanism. 

 In KEDR click on Create Step and the system will present following options for selection

COPA Derivation Rule

Select Derivation Rule and click on OK button and the system will navigate us to the following screen:

COPA Derivation

On the above screen we can see the first tab “Definition” where we have to enter the source and target field. In the above example we have entered field Plant as Source Field and a User Defined Field WW100 as Target Field. This step will allow us to maintain the Plant code and it’s corresponding Supplying Plant under Maintain Rule Value option as shown below.

COPA Derivation

In the above screen if we maintain Plant as “1000” and Supplying Plant as “1010” then system while posting of document will enter the value of “1010” in value field Supplying plant if the Plant code is “1000”. 

Now we will go further in the next tab i.e. “Condition” the screen looks as below:

COPA Derivation

This part is about the condition based on which the derivation rule has to work. In our example as we have defined a condition of Company Code “1000” it means the Plant will be copied in Supplying Plant else not.

Now let’s go to the last tab on the screen which looks as shown below: 

COPA Derivation

This screen contains various options that are self explanatory. for e.g. We have maintained value for plant 1000 and system identifies entry for plant 2000 while posting of transaction, an error message will appear and system will not allow posting of the transaction.

Hope this post has added value to your knowledge.


Derivation Rule

What Next?

In the next post we will try to see next Type of Derivation and continue our journey towards adding knowledge.

Have a great day ahead…….

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