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CO-PA Reset Value Fields

CO-PA Reset Value Fields

We all have been looking into flow of values in CO-PA along with their mapping to Value Fields. The mapping helps us store values from various modules into CO-PA. This mapping helps us perform analysis and extract various reports.

Going forward, it is important to understand that in every situation, we do not want the values to flow to CO-PA. Or in certain cases, we want only certain values flowing to CO-PA.

Resetting Value/Quantity Fields helps in reconciling CO-PA with FI

Sales Invoicing

As an instance, if we consider Sales Invoicing, with regards to CO-PA mapping, we assign Sales Condition Types to CO-PA Value Fields using Transaction Code KE4I. But, if we look a little deeper, the sales condition types mapped by us to COPA Value Fields, are the same in majority of the billing types.

This means for e.g. a Condition Type of MRP “ZMRP” is available in both the sales document types i.e. Normal Sales Invoice, Stock Transfer Invoice and Debit/Credit Note. Now this mapping will every time post value of MRP to COPA value field “VV101” during postings of Sales Invoice, Stock Transfer Invoice and Debit/Credit Notes.

The above value pf “MRP” may not be logical (consider this as an example only for understanding purpose) in Debit/Credit Note. But since, this is one single condition type, and the mapping of Condition Types to Value Fields does not consider document type, we fall into a fix as out client does not require this value, but we can’t remove it from mapping, due to it’s eligibility for sales invoicing.

SAP has provided a function which can be used in the above scenario to avoid posting of Condition Types which are not required for a particular sales document type. The function is called “Reset Value/Quantity Fields”. Lets try to understand how this can help make our lives easier.


reset - 001

The above image show IMG Path to be followed for resetting the Value/Quantity Fields.

Now let’s get into the step and try to understand how this configuration helps us

reset - 002

System navigates us to the above screen, this screen contains following 5 parts:

  1. BillT – Enter the Billing Type for which we do not want the values to post to CO-PA

  2. Description – This is the description of billing type which is automatically fetched by system

  3. Value fld – Enter the value field for which you do not want the values to post to CO-PA

  4. Description – This is the description of value field which is automatically fetched by system

  5. Reset – Select this indicator for resetting the value field before posting in CO-PA

The value field will not post only after setting the “Reset” Indicator against the value field and document type combination.

Now save the configuration and the system during posting of sales invoice will reset values of the above value fields and make life easier for us. This feature can be used for any value/quantity field.

Hope this article helps you understand the use and importance of Resetting Value/Quantity Fields for posting in CO-PA.


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