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Company Code Global Parameters (Part – II)

Continued from Part I

We will continue our discussion on the Company Code Global Parameters here we will look into fields under processing parameters………..

Pstng period variant  Enter the Posting Period Variant relevant for the Company Code. Please refer Posting Period Variant for further information.

Max. exchange rate deviation  Enter the maximum exchange rate deviation in percentage<span “font-size:=”” 13.5pt;color:black”=””>

CoCd -> CO Area  This field is not editable. The system assigns number 1 in case where the Company Code is equal to Controlling area and in case of assignment of multiple company codes to single controlling area, system assigns no. 2 here.

Negative Postings Permitted  In some countries, the regulations do not allow increase of value on opposite side of account in case of reversal. In such cases, the reversal is shown as reversal posting on the same side of account if this indicator is activated. This indicator works in conjunction with the Negative posting parameter in document type. For e.g. the Reversal of debit amount is shown as negative amount on the debit side of the account, instead of showing on the credit side.

Business Area fin. Statements  This indicator should be activated if Profit & Loss & Balance Sheet is are to be drawn at Business Area Level. If this indicator is set, the field Business Area is always ready for input during document posting regardless of field status of Posting Keys/Accounts.<span “font-size:13.5pt;=”” color:black”=””>

Propose Fiscal Year  This indicator, if set, defaults fiscal year which is open for editing while document posting.

Define Default value date  <span “font-size:=”” 13.5pt;color:black;mso-ansi-language:en-us”=””>Indicates that the current date is used as the default value for the value date when entering line items.

No forex rate diff. when clearing in LC<span “font-size:13.5pt;=”” color:black”=””>  Indicates that when items in foreign currency are cleared in local currency, the local currency amount stored in the document is used as the amount to be cleared.

Purchase acct proc.  Specifies that purchase account management is active in the system.

Reference Material: Company Code Global Parameters SAP Help


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