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Creating new Company Code by Copying

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Creating new Company Code by Copying

Company Code is the basic Enterprise Structure required for Financials Module in SAP. Company Code acts as a legal entity which is required for Statutory Reporting. In this post we will try to see how we can create a new company code by copying an existing company code.

Implementation Consideration

IMG Path: Enterprise Structure > Definition > Financial Accounting > Edit, Copy, Delete, Check Company Code

System navigates us to the following screen:

Company Code Creation

Double click on Copy, Delete, Check Company Code and the system will navigate us to the following screen:

Company Code Creation

Click on Copy org. object and the system will ask us to enter the From Company Code and To Company Code as appearing in the following screen:

Company Code Creation

In the From Company Code, enter Code of existing Company Code and in To Company Code enter the Code of new Company Code that you wish to create.

Press OK and the system will ask us if we want to copy the General Ledger Company Code assignment as in the following screen:

Company Code Creation

If we say Yes, the system will copy Company Code assignment of General Ledger account from the source company code to new company code. Selection of option here will be solely based on the situation that you are in and will require a conscious decision.

Proceed with desired option and the system will move a step further towards assignment of Company Code as below:

Company Code Creation

Click Yes if you wish to assign same Controlling Area as source company code and the system will inform that certain data was not copied, this may be for the assignment of Financial Management Area which SAP recommends assignment separately. Proceed from there and the system will move further towards copying of Number Ranges as below:

Compnay Code Creation

Click enter and system will go further about confirming whether we want to transport Number Ranges.


As suggested by SAP we should not transport Number Ranges instead maintain them in the respective clients after transport of company code creation configuration.

Click on No and the system will start copying all the relevant data and after copying is finished will pop up following message:

Company Code Creation

Click OK here and the new company code gets created by copying the source company code. System after this shows following screen confirming copying:

Company Code Creation

Hope this gives you idea on creating new Company Code in SAP Financials (FI) Module by copying the existing Company Code.

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