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Customer Digital Journeys

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Customer Digital Journeys

It’s not always about SAP saying about being Faster, Simpler and Smarter. They always corroborate their claims with substantial amount of information / evidences.

As a part of their methodology to corroborate their success they have brought forward three of their many customers who have tasted the sweet fruits of innovations provided by SAP’s latest technology.

This was not done at any SAP’s internal meetings to prove their worth but at the SAP TechEd which is the premier  technology event for learning, networking, training, and education on the SAP platform.

This time SAP has brought forward Lenovo, Epsilon and Noble Drill who shared how SAP HANA / BW4HANA helped them transpire and run simple during SAP TechEd 2016 in Las Vegas, USA while discussing with Irfan Khan – general manager and global head of Database & Data Management at SAP.

Irfan Khan first explained how how the in-memory technology SAP HANA has provoked industry-wide disruption, initially simplifying IT architecture and now featuring a host of new capabilities including the recently announced SAP BW/4HANA and SAP HANA, express edition.

After this he invited the three customers to explain further about their experience with SAP. Given below are the experts of their conversation:

Lenovo Saves $50M in Transition Costs

Sounds little exaggerated? But it’s true.

This is what the whole world came to know when Brian Connors, vice president of Strategic Technologies at Lenovo, said his company has a special relationship with SAP, not only selling and innovating SAP solutions but also as a huge user of its solutions. Through improved data reporting Lenovo has saved $50M. Read full article.

Epsilon Gets Closer to Customer Data for Insights and Action

Steven Bernstein, senior vice president of Digital at Epsilon, explained how his company is innovating with SAP HANA Cloud Platform, powering agility using real-time data to help their clients get closer to customers. Epsilon is upending traditional data analytics with new models that more people can access for faster, better decisions.Read full article.

Noble Drill Discovers Amazing Possibilities

Mary Mclemore, IT manager of Analytics at Noble Corporation, talked about the value of having a proof of concept to help implement SAP BW/4HANA. McLemore said the use cases opened everyone’s eyes to the possibilities, especially in a data-sensitive industry. Read full article.

Above things are very evident that SAP is not just another ERP, it in itself if an eco system that helps you develop and nourish with keeping things Simple, Faster and Smarter.

So do keep in touch for much more on SAP News.

Have a great day……..

And yes do not forget to view the video of Irfan Khan’s complete Key Note.


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