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FIORI - The new Sensation

Hello All!

It's after a long time that I have been writing a blog. The reason is such that made me write the blog. The new FIORI. It may sound familiar as we have been hearing about it for a while now. But let me admit that it's an exciting future for SAP and all of us. So Let's understand today what is this Fiori.

So, Fiori is the new User Experience (UX) or a new UI introduced by SAP which is based on HTML5 technology. This, in future, will replace the present SAP GUI. So this also means we will get away from the same old SAP Blue Signature theme which we all are used to.

This is an exciting and new technology introduced by SAP. The Fiori will help many of us to Work on the Fly. The Fiori is accessible from your handheld devices i.e. your Smartphones. It makes you more and more flexible in terms of decision making. You can make many decisions while you are travelling by just looking at some Fiori Tile.

Yes! It's going to be that simple.

With this, I sign out and assure you of future posts about Fiori Where we will delve into more details.


SAPguidance Team

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