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Open SAP

Open SAP

Many of us may not even have heard about any such thing. But yes this thing exists.

Open SAP is an Enterprise MOOC platform for massive open online courses, or MOOCs. It is provided by SAP and hosted at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, Germany. Everyone can enroll in openSAP courses, which are provided free of charge.

Open SAP is a place or video repository of various courses offered by SAP free of cost. Yes you do not have to pay anything for this, only enrollment is sufficient.

Now let’s see how Open SAP can help us.

To know further lets visit

When we visit the webpage we can see a video which says OPEN SAP. Click on this and view the video which is just 1:37 minutes long. This video introduces us to Open SAP.

The webpage has few menus, lets understand about them

About open SAP

Click on this menu and you are navigated to the page which contains information about Open SAP.

The information in this page is basically divided into following parts:

  1. The Advantages of openSAP at a Glance

  2. Target Audience

  3. Acknowledgement

Each section speaks more about openSAP.


This section is divided into following two parts:

  1. Enterprise MOOCs

This section contains various courses that help us better our current knowledge and understanding of SAP

  1. Thought Leaders

This section is about sharing stories of successful digital innovation and transformation, in hope to empower learners to open their minds to the latest and greatest ideas.

What does it contain?

This page contains various videos that help us learn SAP in detail.

Through these videos we can learn things and also when we register we can appear for the periodic assessments under each course. Those who clear the assessments successfully are awarded with certificates.

Now lets see some of the courses available for us:

Big Data with SAP HANA Vora

Basics of Design Research

Developing Java-Based Apps on SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Design the Future of Your CRM

There are many more videos available on Open SAP. We must make full use of the same.

Hope this information will help you add a lot of knowledge.

See you for now, we will definitely come with much more information on Open SAP and many more topics. Please keep in touch for the latest updates.

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