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Planning Framework in Profitability Analysis

Planning Framework

In the previous post we have briefly gone through the Purpose and Features of Planning in SAP CO-PA.

In this post we will go a step further and understand what is Planning Framework and how it works.

What is Planning Framework?

The planning framework is the main working environment for sales and profit planning. Firstly, this framework contains all the possible settings for building your planning architecture. Secondly, you can carry out planning from this framework screen.


Planning level

You use the planning level to determine the level at which planning is to occur. You do this by specifying the characteristics for planning.

Planning package

You specify characteristic values in a planning package. In this way, you determine the market segment for which planning is to take place for a particular period. A planning package can thereby be seen as a work package that determines which planning objects are relevant to a specific planner.

Planning method

Planning methods are functions with which planning data can be entered and changed

Parameter set

A parameter set contains all the settings necessary for executing a planning method .

You can use personalization profiles to produce a user-specific view of the planning framework elements. Using these profiles means that, for each user, only those planning elements relevant to his or her task will appear in the planning framework.

By maintaining the data in above framework we can setup the system for planning.

What Next?

In the next post we will dive deep into planning and see one example where we will setup the complete framework to plan in CO-PA.

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SAP Planning Framework

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