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Planning in SAP Profitability Analysis

Planning in Profitability Analysis


Planning is an integral part of any analysis based system. Planning plays a vital role for an organisation when it comes to deciding upon the Growth aspect.

Planning for sales helps in many ways like estimating efforts of logistics, production, distribution etc. required to meet the target. 

Features of Planning in CO-PA

  1. The planning tool in Profitability Analysis offers all those involved in the planning process a uniform, graphical planning interface that is straightforward and modern.

  2. Planning according to Planning Levels to meet the need of varying nature of plan based on role and area of responsibility

  3. Planning Framework allows you to structure planning selectively according to specific planning levels and planning contents and to assign that planning structure to individual users.

  4. Projecting of existing plan data to future and revaluation / adjusting manually. Performing of Top Down Distribution to obtain a sales and profit plan that fulfills the enterprise’s requirements. 

  5. This interface ensures that the “poweruser”, such as the central planning coordinator who models and monitors the planning process, and occasional users (such as sales employees), who only occasionally confirm planning values, can work in unison.

  6. Another special feature with sales and profit planning is that it is not a “stand-alone component”; it can not only send planning data to other applications but it can receive planning data from those applications as well.

What Next?

In this series of post we will try to look into various aspects of planning in CO-PA. We will deep dive into the Planning Framework required for Planning in CO-PA. In the Planning Framework we will try to see the following:

  1. Planning Level

  2. Planning Package

  3. Planning Method

With above which is the basic structure we will also try to understand how data can be maintained for Planning and how reports can be drawn for the same.

To understand all of the above, please keep up with us as we are coming up with posts on this and many more.

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