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SAP Acquires Altiscale

SAP Acquires Altiscale

Yes you are absolutely right………. SAP makes one more deal………..a master stroke……….. A solid step towards a stronger and a much better cloud experience……..

After Ariba, Field Glass, Concur and Success Factor now it’s Altiscale.

About Altiscale

Altiscale provides a high-performance, scalable Big Data-as-a-Service (BDaaS) solution that uniquely includes full operational services.

Headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., Altiscale has been named a leading provider of BDaaS by Forrester Research. Altiscale will operate as a focused and integrated BDaaS offering from SAP to help accelerate and operationalize Big Data deployment in the enterprise.

Key factors that drove this acquisition:

  1. Both the companies have Complementary approaches to implementing enterprise Big Data solutions

  2. Both the companies have Focus of helping enterprises derive business value from data – and successfully leverage Big Data

  3. Altiscale offers high job performance, reliability, and economic performance for Hadoop and Spark in the cloud

  4. Altiscale addresses various challenges faced by HANA Vora in in the provisioning, scaling, and operation of Hadoop in a production environment

  5. Altiscale is a great fit beyond SAP’s Big Data strategy

Above five reasons made SAP acquire Altiscale which will help SAP achieve many more milestones in Big Data Cloud.

Additionally there are many use cases for Altiscale in the following areas and industries:

Internet of Things

Uses include manufacturing, utilities, transportation, smart cities, and more.

Financial services

Applications include fraud detection, cybersecurity, and achieving a 360-degree customer view.


Examples include advertising optimization and recommendation engines.

Ad tech and marketing analytics

Uses include multi-channel analytics and advertising attribution.


Drug research, market segmentation, and supply chain optimization are all examples.


Altiscale can be used to optimize billing and facilitate churn analysis.

You can find case studies and use cases here.

How SAP will use the Altiscale skillsets?

SAP and Altiscale are currently working to synchronize both companies’ technology, products and market perspectives. SAP Team will be systematically evolving the Altiscale Data Cloud for integration into the SAP portfolio.

What next?

Do keep up with us for the next news on SAP…………….

Till then have a great day ahead……….

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