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SAP Activity Type Overview

Activity types

Classify the activities produced in the cost centers within a controlling area.


To plan and allocate the activities, the system records quantities that are measured in activity units. Activity quantities are valuated using a price (allocation price).

In Overhead Cost Controlling, costs based on the activity quantity of an activity type are posted separately in fixed and variable portions. When you divide the activities of a cost center into activity types, you should consider whether the costs can be allocated effectively to the activity types.

In an internal activity allocation, the quantity of the activity, such as a number of consulting hours, is entered into the SAP system (manually or automatically). The system calculates the associated cost based on the activity price and generates a debit to the receiver and a credit to the sender for both the quantity and costs. The internal activity allocation is carried out using secondary cost elements, which are stored as default types in the activity type master data.

You can restrict the use of the activity type to certain types of cost centers by entering the allowed cost center categories in the activity type master record. You can enter up to eight allowed cost center categories, or leave the assignments “unrestricted” by entering an asterisk ( * ).

Master Data

An Activity type master contains following fields: Name Enter the name of the Activity type

Description Enter the description of the Activity type

Activity Unit Enter the unit of measure in which the activity will be managed. This is very important field and can’t be changed easily once various assignments are done. Hence, it is important to decide the appropriate unit of measure for each Activity type

Cost Centre Categories Categories maintained under this field control the cost centre against which rate for activity types can be maintained (these categories are assigned in the cost centre master data)

Activity Type Category Enter the appropriate category. This Indicator determines the method of activity quantity planning and activity allocation.

Following options are available for activity type category

Activity type category 1 (Manual entry, manual allocation) Activity type category 2 (Indirect calculation, indirect allocation) Activity type category 3 (Manual entry, indirect allocation) Activity type category 4 (Manual entry, no allocation)

Allocation Cost Element Enter the Allocation Cost Element, that will be used in the transactions.

Given below is the list of different Activity Types that can be created Machine Labour Charges Power Setup

Transaction Code : KL01

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