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SAP Best Practices – Baseline Package (Part – I)

SAP Best Practices – Baseline Package (Part – I)

In the previous post we have already gone through the brief information about SAP Best Practices.

In this post we will try to go a little further and understand more about the Baseline Package.

What is a Baseline Package

In our previous post we read that SAP Best practices are the basis for SAP solution. They provide basic structure for deployment of SAP.

The Best Practices are available in Baseline and Industry Specific. The Baseline Package provides generic core scenarios that support the most important business needs.

The Baseline package is available in 50+ localized country versions and is developed in accordance with the legal requirements and country-specific needs of the target country.

Which modules does SAP Best Practice cover?

The solid foundation for SAP Best Practices Baseline is the SAP ERP 6.0 application.

Industry-generic SAP Best Practices are available for:

  1. Procurement

  2. Manufacturing

  3. Sales

  4. Financials

  5. Controlling

  6. Analytics processes

Documents available under SAP Best Practices

Some of the documents available under Best Practices are listed below:

Configuration Guide

As the headline suggests a Configuration Guide contains steps to be followed to configure the process. This is step-by-step guide provided by SAP. This is a word file available for download.

Business Process Documentation

This is a word file containing steps by step process to perform the scenario. For e.g. in case of Sales Processing Using Third Party the document contains are as below:

  1. Prerequisites

  2. Process Overview

  3. Process Steps

  4. Followup Processes

  5. Appendix

Above documentation becomes useful for understanding detailed the process flow.

Scope item / Process Overview

This is a Powerpoint file containing the flow chart of standard processes proposed by SAP. This flow is very important for understanding the processes at one look.

The file also contains the responsibilities along with process flows which makes it far more important document from understanding and designing of process.

About next post

This post will help you get the basic information about the content available as the part of SAP Best Practices. In next post we will look into the following aspects:

List of Versions of SAP Best Practices

Localised (Country) Best Practices available

Languages in which the Localised Best Practices available

See you soon in our next post……….


SAP Best Practices Next Post Baseline Package - II

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