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SAP Best Practices – Baseline Package (Part – VI)

SAP Best Practices – Baseline Package (Part – VI)

In the previous post we have seen the documentation available till Your Master Data Sub-section. In this post we will continue our understanding of the Baseline Best Practices Further.

Sub-section: Forms / Section Business Info

This sub-section speaks about the forms required for printing and has following information on the webpage:

Your Print Form Solution

SAP Smart Forms is an easy, robust print form tool. It allows you to create and modify forms using a graphical design tool, and enables more functionality and color options.

You can use the preconfigured SAP Smart Forms delivered with SAP Best Practices processes, or with some minor adaptations, customize them for use by your business.

The processes delivered with SAP Best Practices use SAP Smart Forms whenever possible. For some areas, standard and preconfigured SAP Smart Forms are not available. In these cases, SAPscript forms are used (standard SAPscript forms, preconfigured SAPscript forms).

An overview of the currently available preconfigured SAP Smart Forms, and preconfigured SAPscript forms, is provided here.

This Sub-section has following links containing various information about Forms.

List of Forms

This is a link that navigates us to a webpage which contains Examples of Preconfigured Forms per Application.

This page has sample outputs of following processes available for download in PDF format:

Sales & Distribution

  1. Sales Inquiry

  2. Quotation

  3. Order Confirmation

  4. Cash Sales

  5. Contract

  6. Scheduling Agreement

  7. Sales Invoice

Logistics Execution

  1. Delivery Note

  2. Bill of Lading

Materials Management

  1. Request for Quotation (RFQ)

  2. RFQ-Quo rejection

  3. RFQ-Urging/Reminder

  4. Purchase Order

  5. PO-Urging/Reminder

  6. PO-Ack. Expediter

  7. Contract

  8. Contract-Ack. Expediter

  9. Schedule Agreement

  10. Schedule Agreement

  11. Delivery Schedule

  12. DLS-Forecast

  13. DLS-JIT

  14. DLS-Urging/Reminder

  15. Service Entry Sheet

  16. Goods Receipt (Individual Item)

  17. Goods Receipt (Individual Item with inspection text)

  18. Goods Receipt (Multiple Items)

  19. Goods Issue (Individual Item)

  20. Goods Issue  (Individual Item with inspection text)

  21. Goods Issue (Multiple Items)


  1. Production Order


  1. Dunning Notice

Where used list

This is an excel file containing information about SAP Standard Smart Forms and Script Forms available for download. The file contains following information.

  1. Application

  2. Name

  3. Output Type

  4. SAP Smart Forms

Print Program / Subroutine / Source Form / Used Form / Transaction (print)

  1. SAPScript Forms

Print Program / Subroutine / Source Form / Used Form / Transaction (print)

  1. Where-Used

In Business Process

The Standard SAP Smart Forms or Script Forms may not look attractive or applicable in our scenario, but they form a very good basis to start our development.

Note on Forms

This is a link to a webpage that contains following information:

Configuration Guide

This is a word file that contains vital information related to configuration. Contents of the file are listed below:

  1. Copying Styles for SMART FORMS into Customer Namespace

  2. Copying Text Modules into Customer Namespace

  3. Copying SAPscript Forms from Client 000

  4. Copying Smart Forms into Customer Namespace

  5. Copying Print Programs into Customer Namespace

  6. Using and Assigning Text Modules

  7. Assigning Standard Texts for Invoice Verification Forms

  8. Assigning SD and MM Forms

  9. Assigning FI Forms and Text Modules

  10. Setting up Payment Methods per Company Code for Payment Transact – Forms

  11. Assigning QM Forms

Above information can be useful while development of forms in SAP.

Smart Forms Adaptation Guide

This is a word file that contains information related to adaptation of Text and Graphics.

Above information can be useful while development of forms in SAP.

What Next?

This concludes information available on the Sub-Section “Forms”. You should make utmost use of the information available as a part of SAP’s Standard documentation.

In the next post we will look into the next sub-section of SAP Best Practices.

Till then have a great day ahead……..

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