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SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP is the name of continuous improvement, continuous innovation and perpetual succession.

SAP never seizes to surprise the whole world with new innovations. The amount of efforts put in by SAP in the Research and Development is enormous.

Business Technology Platform

Business Technology Platform (BTP) is the new innovation by SAP.............

Advanced Infrastructure, Cloud Solution, Intelligent Technology will help enterprise to rapidly transform the data into the Business Value.


BTP is the portfolio of integrated solutions containing

  • Database

  • Data Management

  • Cloud Application Development

  • Integration

  • Analytics

  • Intelligent Technology


The BTP works in a very systematic and coherent way by:

  1. Providing trusted insights business needs

  2. This helps do confident decisions with integrity

  3. Acting swiftly and boldly


This is achieved by:

  • Connecting Intelligent Business Processes on a single platform

  • This brings the operational data with experience data

  • Using Intelligence delivers powerful business outcome

This work in an agile mode with On Premise, Cloud and Hybrid mode. This will present us with the fastest way to transform data into business value.

So let's start exploring this exceptional concept introduced by SAP.

Visit for more information.

Happy Exploring!

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