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SAP CO-PA Derivation for Parent Items

SAP CO-PA Derivation for Parent Items


During our working we face many issues and then try to find appropriate solution. In absence of any standard solution we have to go for enhancement or custom development. I had been through one such instance where the client gives promotional items free with their regular items. In such case the main question in front of us was about getting the profitability of Parent Item (Regular item) after deducting the cost of promotional item as well. 

In Sales Order the SD guy created separate line item for the promotion item and hence we were finding ways and means to club it with the parent item. After a lot of research it was discovered that the requirement can be met with standard CO-PA Derivation. Given below are steps following which we can do this.

Creation of Steps in derivation

The configuration requires creation of two Derivation Rules, both using “Table Lookup” Strategy.

Before going ahead would like to elaborate on the example:

The Item Category for Promo Item is “ZDP1” and remaining have other categories. This is going to be the basis to identify the line items for Promo Material.

Note: System stores Parent Item in the Promo Material Line Item under field “UPMAT”

First Derivation goes as below:

COPA Derivation

In the above Derivation the Table to Lookup is “VBAP”

In the Source Field, system automatically assigns Sales Order Document Number and Line Item Number. Further In the Origin Field we will assign Field Name “UPMAT” and the field which will update this information will be “WW103” i.e user defined Characteristic.

At the same time to enable update of only relevant data we need to apply condition as below:

COPA Derivation

In the condition we have maintained “Sales Document Item Category” = “ZDP1” which means the derivation will work if Item Category is “ZDP1” i.e. Promo Item. 

For other material codes, system does not update any information. For this line item we need to update the material code under “MATNR” as it will help us in CO-PA Reports. For this we need to write one more Derivation Step as below:

COPA Derivation

Here we have no change except “VBAP-MATNR” in the Origin Fields to update user defined characteristic “WW103”, the difference is in the condition maintained. Maintain the Condition as below:

COPA Derivation

In the above condition we have maintained as Sales Document Item Category not equal to “ZDP1” this will update “Material Number” in the characteristic.

This way we can update Regular Material Code for Regular Material Line Item and Parent Material Code in case of Promo Material. In CO-PA Report we can use the Characteristic “Parent Item” to find profitability.

Hope this will help you in CO-PA Derivation.

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