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SAP CO-PA Valuation using Material Cost Estimate – Part II

SAP CO-PA Valuation using Material Cost Estimate – Part II

In the previous post we have gone through the creation and assignment of Valuation Strategy which is first step in Valuation using Material Cost Estimate. Now in this post we will look what steps are required to be performed thereafter.

Creation of Costing Key

IMG Path: Controlling > Profitability Analysis > Master Data > Valuation > Set Up Valuation Using Material Cost Estimate > Define Access to Standard Cost Estimates

Once we click on this, system will navigate us to the following screen:

COPA Valuation Strategy using Material Cost Estimate

Under this, click on New Entries and the system will allow us to create new Costing Key which is basic requirement in the configuration. The screen for creating Costing Key looks as below:

COPA Valuation using Material Cost Estimate

In the above screen we have to maintain various information, we will go through each of them one by one:

Costing Key

Enter the Costing Key Code (Z01) and Description to identify the Costing Key (Costing Key).

Determine Material Cost Estimate

Under this section SAP has provided following three options (radio button) out of which we need to select one cost estimate type which is relevant for our scenario. The list is self explanatory:

  1. Transf. Standard Cost Estimate

  2. Transfer Sales Order Cost Estimate

  3. Transfer Production Order Cost Estimate

Once we select the relevant Cost Estimate Type we proceed further

Costing Variant

System provides the list of available Costing Variants here for selection. This Costing Variant is used to find Cost Estimate in the database of Product Costing.

Costing Version

Enter the Version of the cost estimate that system searches for during valuation using product costing.

Product Indicator

Under this field we have to select the option which will be used to determine the Cost Estimate that should be considered by the system for transfer to CO-PA. Given below is the list of available options:

  1. Future Standard Cost Estimate

  2. Current Standard Cost Estimate

  3. Previous Standard Cost Estimate

  4. Material Cost Estimate matching posting date

  5. Release Cost Estimate matching goods issue date


For scenario where you want to transfer Cost Estimate of a particular period, we can maintain it here.

Costing Date

For scenario where you want to transfer Cost Estimate of a particular date, we can maintain it here.

One we maintain above information, click on save and the system will create the Costing Key for further configurations.

When you define a costing key, you can enter either a costing date or a period or a value for the period indicator.

What Next?

In the next post we will deep dive into assignment of Costing Key to various characteristics. We will try to see what options are available for this in ECC6 and S/4 HANA.


SAP Help Costing Keys Next Post

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