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SAP CO-PA Valuation using Material Cost Estimate – Part IV

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

SAP CO-PA Valuation using Material Cost Estimate – Part IV

Once we are through with assignment of Costing Keys to the relevant characteristics next step is to assign value fields. In this post we will see how this can be done.

IMG Path: Controlling > Profitability Analysis > Master Data > Valuation > Set Up Valuation Using Material Cost Estimate > Assign Value Fields

In this transaction the system will ask to enter Operating Concern and Cost Component Structure. Enter the relevant Operating Concern/Cost Component Structure and press enter and the system will navigate us to following screen:

COPA Valuation using Material Cost Estimate

Click on new entries and the system allows us to maintain various information as explained below:

Point of Valuation

This is the point of valuation where the value field assignment is being done. Given below is the list of available options for selection:

01 Realtime valuation of actual data 02 Periodic revaluation of actual data 03 Manual planning 04 Automatic planning

Cost Component Number

This is the number of cost component in the CCS.

Fixed / Variable Indicator

In this indicator we have to maintain if the fixed portion of the cost, variable portion or both are to be flown to the Value field assigned. The fixed/variable part is maintained in KP26 where we maintain the rate for Activity Types. Given below are the available options:

1 Fixed amounts 2 Variable amounts 3 Sum of fixed and variable amounts

Field Name 1 / Field Name 2 / Field Name 3

In this field we will maintain the Value field which is to be will contain the cost component information. Here it is interesting to know that  we have more than one field assignment available. In the previous post we had seen maintenance of multiple Costing Keys under Assign Costing Keys to any characteristics. Value fields need to be assigned in the same sequence. For e.g. VV101 for Costing Key 1, VV 102 for Costing Key 2 and VV103 for Costing Key 3.

These configuration steps will conclude the configuration. After these configuration the system while posting of sales invoice will also capture the Cost Component Structure provided the sales is made from the plant where the material is manufactured.

For cases where the material is manufactured at a plant and transferred to depot, one needs to find some other strategy as system does not transfer the Cost Component Structure to the Depot plant.

Hope this will add up to you knowledge and will be helpful during your configuration.

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