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SAP Costing Sheet – Part I – Calculation Base

Calculation Base in Costing Sheet

Costing Sheet is a part of Overhead under Product Cost Planning under Controlling Module of SAP. A Costing Sheet helps us in adding cost incurred on manufacturing of a product which is not possible using Activity Types. A Costing Sheet can be used in various purposes, but here we will be only looking into the creation of Costing Sheet and components required for the same.

A Costing Sheet is made of various components, these components in together form a Costing Sheet. Hence understanding of the Costing Sheet is to start with understanding of following components involved in the Costing Sheet:

  1. Calculation Base

  2. Percentage Overhead Rates

  3. Quantity Overhead Rates

  4. Credits

We will go through all  of the above one by one, now in this post we will try to see the first component i.e. Calculation Base.

Implementation Consideration

Defining Calculation Base

This is the first component of Costing Sheet which works as an identifier of the base to calculate the amounts i.e. the value under Cost Elements which will be used to calculate costs.


IMG Path: Controlling >  Product Cost Controlling >  Product Cost Planning > Basic Settings for Material Costing > Overhead > Costing Sheet: Components > Define Calculation Bases

Once we click on the above, the system will navigate us to the following screen

Capture - 1.01

SAP by default provides Calculation Bases in the standard system, we can use them in order to configure the Costing Sheet. Here for our understanding purpose we will look into the calculation base “B000” which is used to identify the total cost of material used which forms a basis for further calculation. For e.g. Consumption accounts of Raw Material or Packing Material etc.

We will select the Calculation Base B000 and double click on Details and the system will ask us to enter the Controlling Area, please enter the relevant Controlling Area and press enter.

After entering Controlling Area, system will navigate us further to the following screen where we have to enter the Cost Elements:

Capture - 1.03

The above screen requires various information to be maintained by us, as explained below:

Cost Elements Enter the Cost Element for costs which are to be considered for calculating the overheads under Costing Sheet.

Cost Element Group If we do not have a range of Cost Elements to assign, instead have random Cost Elements to consider, we can create a Cost Element Group and assign it here.

Origin Group This is a key which is assigned to a material master under Costing 1 View. This is used to help you consider cost of only relevant materials and makes the costing more accurate (although costing can never be exact).

Apart from above three assignments, we can define here if we have to consider only the portion of Variable cost, Fixed cost or Total of both.

Maintain all the relevant data and save the Calculation Base and we are done with the first part of configuring Costing Sheet.


Overhead Base Cost Elements – TKZU1

Origin Group – TKKH1

Costing Sheet Part II

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