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SAP Costing Variant – Part IV (Date Control)

Date Control

Welcome back, in the last three posts, we have discussed and tried to understand about Costing Type and Valuation Variant. In this post we will continue our discussion and take up next component of Costing Variant i.e. Date Control.

IMG Path for Date Control: Controlling > Product Cost Controlling > Product Cost Planning > Material Cost Estimate with Quantity Structure > Costing Variant: Components > Define Date Control

Before we get into the details, first let us see how this date control looks like


In the above image we can see that the date control contains various dates. So first lets understand that the Date Control component of Costing Variant controls the dates on which the quantity structure and the value structure are created.

The Date control is used to control followings:

Validity of the Cost Estimate

Costing Date From and Costing Date To Under these two options, we can configure what would be the period of validity of the cost estimate. Select the appropriate Valid From date here, usually Current Date and proceed further to selection of Valid To date, usually End of current posting period. This will make sure that the cost estimate is valid for the current period. At this point we would like to draw your attention to Save Parameters tab of Costing Type which also deals with the saving of dates for cost estimates.

It is notable here that SAP has provided an option to enable Manual Entry of dates. When we select this option, the system defaults dates as per the option selected in from and two dates and allows the user to change the same during saving of cost estimate.

Quantity Structure Date / Valuation Date The dates for these can be opted from the available options.

Before we conclude this, we would like to bring to your notice the list of standard Date Controls available for use made available by SAP as below:

PC01 – Std Cost Est. – Month PC02 – Std Cost Est. – Subseq.FY PC03 – Std Cost Est. – Period PC04 – Current Cost Est.- Dates PC05 – Mod. Std Cost Est. Dates PC06 – Std Cost Estimate – Old PC07 – Sales Order Cost Estimate PS02 – Easy Cost Planning (PS)

All the above Date Controls are mostly sufficient for many scenarios. But if you need any more, then remember to copy the most appropriate and make changes.

An Advice: SAP in general recommends to copy any standard object and create new ones with reference to the existing and make required changes. This helps us ensure that nothing is left or misconfigured.

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Reference: SAP Help on Date control

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