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SAP S/4 HANA Conversion – Part 1

Hello everyone!

We are back with yet another post on SAP.

This time we will speak about the most spoke about topic “Conversion of SAP ECC to S/4 HANA”

Conversion is a step by step process, majorly divided into various stages, or we can say milestones. To start with, let’s first try to understand the various phases that we have to go through during this process.

Please note that we will speak about SAP S/4 HANA release 1709 in this post.

Pre Conversion Checks

  1. Application Preparation Activities in Business Downtime: Finance

  2. Period-End Closing and Prepare for Cut-Over

  3. Check Customizing Settings Prior to Upgrade

  4. General Prerequisites

  5. Prerequisite Check

  6. Consistency Checks before Conversion and Migration

  7. Check Customizing Settings Prior to Upgrade

  8. Reconcile and compare Data (Document your Posting Data)

Technical Migration (SUM – Software Update Manager)

  1. This activity is performed by our BASIS colleagues and is purely technical in nature

Preparing Customizing Post Conversion

  1. Preparations and Migration of Customizing for General Ledger

  2. Preparations and Migration of Customizing for Asset Accounting

  3. Preparations and Migration of Customizing for Controlling

  4. Preparations and Migration of Customizing for Material Ledger

  5. Preparations for Migration of House Bank Accounts

Data Migration Post conversion

  1. Regenerate CDS Views and Field Mapping

  2. Analyze Transactional Data

  3. Start and Monitor Data Migration

  4. Migrate General Ledger Allocations

  5. Migrate House Banks Accounts

  6. Credit Management Migration

  7. Complete Migration

Post Migration Activities

  1. Manual Activities for Credit Management

  2. Deactivate Reconciliation Ledger

  3. Preparatory Activities and Migration of Customizing for Credit Management

  4. Data Migration

Above activities are to be done at least three times as below:

  1. First Mock Run

  2. Second Mock Run

  3. Final Migration in Production System

We will discuss about all of the above in detail in the coming posts.

Till then thanks a lot.

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