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What’s New in SAP S/4HANA 1709? – Part II

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

What’s New in SAP S/4HANA 1709?

In our previous post, we have learnt about features of the newly introduced SAP S/4 Release 1709. In this post, we will try to look deeper into the new release and try to understand what this new release has in store for us.

SAP S/4HANA 1709 has various new improvements introduced as listed  below:

Maintenance Operations

New app

“Report and Repair Malfunction”

You can use this app to easily report that a technical object has a malfunction, plan the required repair work, as well as document and confirm the maintenance work when it’s done.

Three tiles are provided for this app: The Report Malfunction tile for creating malfunction reports, the Manage Malfunction Reports tile that provides a list of malfunction reports that have already been created, and the Repair Malfunctions – My Job List tile that provides a list of all work items assigned to you or to your team.

Environment, Health, and Safety

Introduction of New Apps

“Incidents – Detailed Analysis”

With the Incidents – Detailed Analysis app, you can analyze incidents, near misses, and safety observations that have been recorded in incident management.

You can use the app to:

  1. Evaluate records by category

  2. Evaluate incident-related cases by type

  3. Evaluate records and cases aggregated by location

  4. Evaluate records and cases based on characteristics such as calendar year, month, day of the week, root cause, or organizational unit

Incident Management Enhancements

With SAP S/4HANA 1709, the following enhancements have been made:

  1. Incidents – Detailed Analysis, the analytics app

  2. Injuries and Illnesses – Detailed Analysis, the analytics app

  3. Manage Summary Reports – files and to improve usability

  4. The options to manage reports, documents, and tasks in the Edit Incident

  5. The authorization concept for the authorization object fields of the EHHSS_INC2, EHHSS_INC6, and EHHSS_INC7 authorization objects has been revised

Chemical Inventory Reporting

With the Chemical Inventory Reporting app, you can get a detailed overview of the chemicals that are handled within your company

Identify Risks

With the Identify Risks app, you can identify new risks for locations or for jobs and change or delete risks that have already been identified.

Assign Risk to Projects

With the Assign Risk to Projects app, you can assign the risks that you have identified in the Identify Risks app for further analysis, evaluation, and treatment to risk assessment projects that are displayed in the My Risk Assessment Projects app.

Resource Scheduling

Calculation of Key Figures

There’s been a change in how key figures, such as work center utilization and work center capacity, are calculated. In addition, the way maintenance orders are counted for the cards shown in the Resource Scheduling for Maintenance Planners app has changed.

Also there are changes in the following:

  1. Maintenance order and order operation count

  2. Calculation of work center utilization

Resource Scheduling for Maintenance Planners

A new card Unconfirmed Maintenance Orders has been added to the Resource Scheduling for Maintenance Planners app. This card shows you how many maintenance orders have at least one unconfirmed operation with a planned end date in the past six months, and the processing status for these orders.

Manage Work Center Utilization

The Analyze Work Center Utilization app has been renamed to Manage Work Center Utilization. New features:

  1. You can analyze the capacity situation for your work centers. Using the utilization chart, you can show utilization based on various attributes, such as processing status, order type, activity type

  2. You can dispatch order operations and suboperations to confirm that they are scheduled at the right place and time. You can also cancel the dispatch

  3. To level work center utilization, you can change the work center for order operations and suboperations. In addition, you can change the start date and time for order operations

Maintenance Scheduling Board

The Maintenance Scheduling Board app visualizes graphically the maintenance orders, order operations, and sub-operations in your work centers.

The above explains some of the changes, we will continue this series of article to let you know about changes in other areas.

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